Dear friends in the AFES community,

At this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we convey our warmest greetings of hope for your well-being and that of your family and loved ones.

Exactly two years ago, some 600 people gathered in Manila for the inaugural Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society (AFES) to re-imagine a better Future.

Today in the midst of this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, we are launching a twice weekly newsletter called RE-IMAGINE where we will share the thoughts and reflections of business, community and thought leaders from the AFES community and beyond on what COVID-19 means to our world and how we can encourage, support and learn from each other during this time of crisis.

No one is sure today as to precisely when and how this Crisis will end. Yet we know that sooner or later, this Crisis will come to an end and that overcoming it will require leadership, compassion, goodwill and cooperation across communities, nations and geographies.

Today in the time of COVID-19, we ask the question which we asked at AFES 2018:

“If we could imagine, shape and inspire the Future, what would that Future look like?”

Yours sincerely,

The Team at AFES

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